Translations for cPicture exist for the following languages:

Thanks to:

  • Microsoft Translator
  • Alberto Dati, Italian
  • Arek Czak, Lukasz Jakubowski, Polish
  • 王燊 (Wang Shen), Chinese Traditional
  • Hu Tenghui, Michael Long, 王泉富 (Chyuan Fu Wang), Chinese Taiwan

for the current translations and their expertise!

If you like to add/update a language, copy the Translation file and update the CSV language file. The .zip contains 4 CSV files for each language, one for the main cPicture App and one for the Ribbon menu:

  • <lang>.cpicture.csv
  • <lang>.cpicture.full.csv
  • <lang>.ribbon.csv
  • <lang>.ribbon.full.csv

The .csv is the list of text to translate. The full.csv is the complete set of the translations and allows you to change existing translations.

The CSV files have a simple structure for each translation ("English","Translation") and can be changed with Excel or any text editor. Text Encoding is UTF-8. Please contact me if you have any questions.

    "Picture name and target folder";"图片名和目标文件夹"
    "Quality level:";"品质:"
    "File size:";"文件大小:"
    "Enter a name for this picture:";"输入图片名称:"